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Fall Deep Cleaning Checklist

Fall Deep Cleaning Checklist - summit county home cleaning
Fall Deep Cleaning Checklist - summit county home cleaning

Don’t let the snowfall fool you! It is still fall in Summit County. In the cleaning industry, we also know it as Deep Clean Season! Your Summit County home should be deep cleaned twice a year (fall and spring).

With our cool climate, the absence of air conditioning leads to more dirt coming in through open windows and a lack of dirt being filtered out of the air. Aside from the aesthetic appeal of a clean home, deep cleans are essential for reducing allergens and odors- the kind of odors we tend to get used to, but newcomers can smell the instant they step inside our door.

Deep cleans are even more necessary if your home is occupied by renters, even if it’s just a few times a year. Nothing can guarantee a bad review faster than a home that is not meticulously clean.

Deep cleans, just like the name says, go much deeper than a regular weekly or routine guest departure clean. In fact, some cleaning companies will charge for both a regular clean and a deep clean if the home has not already had the initial clean done before the deep clean has begun.

Depending on the size of the home, a deep clean can take several days and will likely require bedding or draperies being taken off site for dry cleaning.

You may be wondering exactly what this entails so we’ve created a fall deep clean checklist. In short, think of the deep clean touching every single surface of the home- all four walls, the floor and the ceiling, every surface of permanent fixtures inside the home (shelves, cabinetry), and every surface of all appliances and furniture.

  1. Remove all bedding (including bed skirt, mattress protector, and shams) and pull beds far enough away from the wall to go behind and clean. Wash every single item that has been on the bed or take for dry cleaning. Vacuum the entirety of the floor under the bed, the bed frame, and all sides of mattress and box spring. If possible, completely move the mattress and box spring off the frame for the most thorough clean. Don’t forget about the sofa sleepers! Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration can deep clean mattresses and restore them to a hygienic state.
  2. Move every piece of furniture with any space between it and the floor (sofa, dressers, etc). Vacuum the entirety of the underside and vacuum or dust all sides of the furniture, paying extra attention to the back side where dust bunnies like to hide.
  3. Move every appliance and repeat the process the same as above: Clean under, on top, behind, and all sides. Vacuum away dust when possible and wipe down the rest. Don’t forget the refrigerator vent and coils.
  4. Where possible, remove all furniture cushions and vacuum every surface. Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration can professionally clean all upholstery.
  5. Open every single drawer and vacuum or wipe away dust and crumbs. While this is most important for kitchens, even dresser drawers collect dust so do not neglect them.
  6. Open every single cabinet and dust or wipe down.
  7. Clean all baseboards, crown molding, or other wall trim.
  8. Clean all door jambs and light switch covers
  9. Clean all ceiling fans.
  10. Clean all baseboard heaters.
  11. Clean all ceiling beams to remove cobwebs, paying special attention to corners.
  12. Clean all light fixtures and lamps. Wipe bulbs with a dry cloth.
  13. Spot clean the interior of all window glass. Clean the all sills and ledges.
  14. Clean all blinds and draperies.
  15. Spot clean all walls paying close attention to high traffic areas.
  16. Clean all humidifiers.
  17. Wipe down empty closet shelves, pantry, and mud rooms.
  18. Vacuum edges of floors in all rooms. Mop where necessary paying extra attention to edges in kitchen and bathroom.
  19. Wash shower curtains, liners, and wipe down rods.
  20. Scrub all grout. If grout has been neglected and buildup has accumulated, Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration can clean with high temperature and pressure followed by sealant.
  21. Wipe down all bathroom hardware such as towel rods, toilet paper holder, medicine cabinets, etc.
  22. Clean behind all toilets.
  23. Clean all trash bins.
  24. Remove items under all sinks and inspect for leaks or mold. Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration provides professional mold and mildew service where needed.

Have you ever lived in a newly constructed or newly remodeled home where everything feels fresh and new? Think of a deep clean as a new fresh start within your home. Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration can help your carpets, tile, and upholstery feel new – the way only the professionals can do. Exclusive Cleaning Summit can perform deep cleans and regular scheduled maintenance professional cleanings for short term rentals and property management companies.

Winter is just around the corner and the short and cold days force us to spend more time indoors. Get your fall deep clean done today and enjoy winter in your refreshed home.