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High Altitude Tips For Summit County Guests

Breckenridge mountain
Breckenridge mountain

High Altitude Tips For Summit County Guests

Let’s face it, most of your guests are traveling from lower altitudes and may struggle with Summit County’s high elevation. It takes around 1-3 days for your body to adjust to higher elevations, which could be a big chunk of their stay at your vacation rental property. Here are 3 tips to pass along to your guests that will help them prepare and adjust to our higher altitude here in Summit County.

Drink more water

This can’t be emphasized enough! Start your morning off with a nice big refreshing glass of water and you will be on track for the rest of the day. As we gain altitude, our bodies lose water faster than we think, and staying hydrated is the first step to combating high altitude sickness. When you venture out into the High Country, always take a refillable water bottle with you and keep it handy on all your Summit County adventures. Drinking water throughout the day helps you stay hydrated and feeling great!

Get enough sleep

We hear it every day. Proper sleep and enough rest are crucial to a healthy, productive lifestyle.

Research from NASA has found that taking a 26 minute nap is energizing as a full night’s sleep and improves job performance. Honestly, who doesn’t like to take a nap while on vacation? If NASA says it’s good for you… why not?

Eat more carbs

Wait… WHAT?

Our bodies need more calories while adjusting to higher altitudes, and a healthy way to increase your caloric intake is by eating carbohydrates. Pack healthy snacks including energy bars, nuts and fruit. Try to stay away from processed and high sugar foods such as candy, cookies and cakes- at least for the first few days. You are on vacation after all!

Alcohol is a natural dehydrator, so avoiding alcohol for at least 2 days once at altitude will help your body adjust that much quicker.

A gift basket filled with water (even better, a refillable water bottle), healthy snacks and perhaps a refreshing cooling eye mask will make a nice impression on your guests while introducing them to Summit County and vacationing a higher altitudes.

Don’t forget to leave these tips in your guest information book that is in your vacation rental property. Those books are full of valuable information and your guests will certainly appreciate the high altitude tips!