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Should Your Vacation Rental be Dog Friendly?

your vacation rental should be dog friendly
your vacation rental should be dog friendly

People love their pets, and more often than not they want to bring them on vacation too. In Summit County, Colorado it is common to see dogs accompanying their humans on daily adventures. From the office to the bank and even the gondola, dogs are welcome around town.

However, behind our dog friendly culture lays a serious flaw. Often, guests visiting from out of town often struggle to find dog friendly vacation rentals to stay in. As a result, they may not be able to find lodging and opt for a more dog friendly destination.

Exclusive Cleaning Summit is a professional cleaning service in Summit County. We focus on short term rentals, and we have seen our fair share of vacation properties. That is precisely why we believe that your vacation rental should be dog friendly. No, we haven’t ‘gone to the dogs’ quite yet, but read on to find out why dog friendly vacation rentals are a win/ win for owners and guests alike.

Dog friendly properties are more profitable

About half of all American households have pets. Though not everyone wants to bring their puppy on vacation, many do for a variety of reasons. Whatever their reasons, one thing is for certain – it’s nice to have the entire family together! Those who want to bring their pets on vacation are willing to pay more for the opportunity to share a space with a four-legged friend.

In addition to raised nightly rates, it is common to require refundable security deposits and even non-refundable pet fees. Increasing your revenue in multiple ways while protecting your assets.

In Summit County, approximately 25% or less of our vacation rentals are pet friendly. That means they are in demand, often booking up faster than their non-pet-friendly counterparts. With high demand comes increased value, meaning more money in your pocket.

Dog friendly rentals are cleaner

Take it from the cleaning professionals, folks who rent out their homes to furry friends go above and beyond to keep it clean. Dog friendly properties are generally cleaned more often, and more meticulously.

Since not every guest in a dog friendly home will bring their pets, owners and property managers go to great lengths to make sure the home is thoroughly cleaned after each stay. That may mean longer deep cleans on top of regularly scheduled maintenance.

For homes with carpeting and upholstery, professional carpet cleaning, upholstery and mattress cleaning services will keep the fur out of your fibers and lengthen the life of your carpets.

If you’re renting or managing a vacation property, maintenance and cleaning is something you’re already doing. The increased service will bring you better reviews and with the increased income on pet friendly rentals, you’ll come out on top!

Pet owners will reward with reviews

Online reviews mean big bucks gained – or lost – for vacation rentals. Websites like Airbnb, VRBO, TripAdvisor, FlipKey, and many others give guests and customers the opportunities to share their experiences, good and bad.

Pet owners will pay attention to little details like dog bowls, treats, cheap toys, leashes, fenced in areas, and trail suggestions. They will appreciate that extra effort and reward you with good reviews. They may even recommend your rental directly to other dog owner friends!

Your Vacation Rental Should be Dog Friendly

Lastly, if we don’t have you convinced why your vacation rental should be dog friendly, give us a call. Exclusive Cleaning Summit provides exceptional property management and vacation rental cleaning services in Summit County.