Summit County Tile & Grout Cleaning

Breckenridge Tile Cleaning

The #1 choice for tile and grout cleaning services in Summit County, CO

Deep cleaning your tile and grout can help breath life into tile that has lost it’s shine. Tiles are porous surfaces, and therefore mopping or scrubbing will only eliminate the dirt and grime on the surface. Sure, mopping will help maintain a clean tile floor, but deep cleaning is recommended to keep your tile and grout sparkling and in the best condition.

We use the services of our sister company, Exclusive Cleaning and Restoration to handle the cleaning of Tile and Grout. We begin the process by using an aggressive but safe Tile and Grout cleaner that will remove years of dirt and grime. After applying the cleaner we then use a high temperature and pressure wash to bring the Tile and Grout back to its original condition. After the cleaning process we will then re-seal any stone or tile such as slate or travertine.